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Stonehouse 31 is proud to offer comprehensive construction security services to help protect your construction site from theft, vandalism, and other security threats. We understand that construction sites can be vulnerable to a variety of risks, from unauthorized access to theft of materials and equipment.

That's why we offer a range of security solutions, including manned guarding, CCTV monitoring, and the use of drones for aerial surveillance.

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Construction Site Security
Construction Site Aerial Survey

Aerial Surveys

Our use of drones for aerial surveillance provides an additional layer of security, allowing us to monitor large areas quickly and efficiently. Drones can capture high-resolution images and videos, providing a more accurate and comprehensive view of your construction site. This can help to identify potential issues and inform decision-making throughout the construction process.

You can read more about our aerial surveys here: Aerial Surveys

Manned Guarding

Our manned guarding services provide a physical presence on your site, deterring potential intruders and responding to security breaches as they occur. Our guards are fully trained and qualified, and many of our operatives are ex-military, with years of experience in security and surveillance. In addition to manned guarding, we also offer CCTV monitoring services, providing around-the-clock surveillance of your construction site, even when our guards are not physically present.

You can read more about our manned guarding services here: Manned Guarding.

Manned Guarding

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